In Richardson, we are currently serving 30 teen moms at JJ Pearce, Richardson, and Berkner High Schools. YoungLives has the privilege of walking alongside teen moms after they have chosen life for their child.



Mentoring forms the heart of YoungLives. Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting, and self-worth. This investment of time and heart has empowered positive, sustainable change, and has shaped generations. Mentoring is a 3 hours a week commitment met by attending Club once a month, attending Campaigners once a month, and spending time with a teen mom two other times a month. Leaders will also attend mandatory leadership meetings a few times throughout the year. 


While the girls attend Club and Campaigners, we place the children in childcare so that the moms are able to focus on the fun and the message. We will need a team of people who are willing to serve, so moms know their child is loved and cared for while they are in Club and Campaigners. 




We begin each Club and Campaigners with a shared meal. We are looking for different community groups, Bible studies, or organizations to provide a meal one time this year.